The new Kluwer Law International Construction Blog is a project that has been some months in the making, not least because of the challenges of gathering together a range of contributors, a number of whom come from different time zones! As the managing editor of this new blog, I wanted to share with you what the weblog is intended to cover and how it may be of value to readers.

As the name suggests, the remit is “International Construction” and is almost without limit. We intend to cover issues and developments in international construction law worldwide e.g. forms of contract used in different jurisdictions (such as FIDIC and NEC), contractual issues, international legal developments in specific regions and other interesting issues of debate. The blog will have a particular focus on those countries and jurisdictions that we think are most likely to be of interest to our readers in terms of where infrastructure opportunities are most likely to arise. Thus our contributors hail not just from the UK, US and Canada, Europe, but also cover Russia and the CIS region (where a number of interesting infrastructure opportunities are developing), the Gulf, India, Africa, South America and Asia Pacific. In the coming months, we also hope to introduce a named contributor covering Australia.

“So why another construction blog?” I hear you say. Of course I appreciate that there are a plethora of construction law blogs on-line, but there are surprisingly few which cover more than one jurisdiction, or sector, or standard form and whose express desire is to promote topical debate across the entire international construction arena.

This brings me to the beauty of the blog format. I and my fellow contributors see our postings not just as a way of disseminating serious sources of information on specific legal issues or developments but also as a forum to discuss topics that are news-worthy and relevant to those engaged in infrastructure worldwide. So, for example, you may well see postings that comment on market trends in certain jurisdictions or on issues facing contractors worldwide (such as the Swine Flu pandemic and the challenges of sustainable development).

In order to encourage interaction we include an ‘Ask the Expert‘ section. Whilst legal restraints mean that all questions posed will have to be anonymised and generic in nature, I hope this will be an interesting way of promoting debate on particular issues.

And last but not least, there is the quality and breadth of our contributors, a number of whom will be familiar names in the construction legal arena. Our contributors are not limited to international law firms; we also have contributors from UK Counsel including the renowned FIDIC commentator, Nael Bunni. And we will not stop there, as we also hope to arrange guest contributions from time to time from in-house counsel within contractor or owner organisations, as well as overseas construction associations, government bodies, academic institutions and so on.

I hope this blog will enlighten, entertain and encourage you to engage with our contributors so that this can become a lively forum for discussion.


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  1. I think it’s great that there is an opportunity to ask the expert on this blog. Especially in the realm of international construction law where many of us in the UK may not be fully clued up.

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